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Atkins Recipe Collection

Atkins Recipe Collection

This part of the site is a collection of Atkins recipes.

What do I mean by "Atkins recipes" ?

The Atkins Diet is a based on the fact that your body loses weigh tmore quickly on a low carb diet than a low fat diet.

Atkins recipes might be higher in fat than normal diet recipes - typically you will find more cheese, butter and a more relaxed attention to calories, providing they come from protein and fats rather than carbs (carbohydrates).

We already have menu options for 'Low Carb recipes', 'Healthy recipes' and 'Low Fat recipes'.

Some are just plain low carb recipes, whilst others may be classed as diabetic recipes - its pretty much the same thing, but with Atkins recipes the carb reduction is usually greater.

The one thing they all have in common is that they can all be seen as weight loss or diet recipes in one form or another and are certainly good for your health if you use them sensibly.

These free Atkins recipes have been split into loose food or ethnic categories, choose from the categories listed to find the individual menu for that food type.


Atkins Recipes may or may not be suitable for Diabetics, or others with specific medical conditions - please check the meal ingredients carefully and make your own best nutritional judgement based on the information in the recipe - better still consult with your doctor if you are unsure whether the Atkins diet and Atkins recipes are suitable for you.

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Welcome to our Atkins Recipes Page

What are Atkins Recipes?
The Atkins diet is a stricter than normal low carb diet. The Atkins idea is based on the theory that your body can lose weight better by reducing carbs (carbohydrates) than by reducing fat. As a result, Atkins recipes can be rich in meat, chicken, sausages, bacon, turkey, oils, seafood, cheese, eggs, butter and margerine - ie all the food that you normally need to avoid.

How tempting does that sound?

The bad news is that Atkins recipes mean cutting out the high carb foods like potatoes, pasta, bread etc.

There has been much debate as to whether the low carb Atkins diet is healthy or not - most dieters report weight loss by using only Atkins recipes, but many believe that a low carb, high fat diet has health implications. Remember, losing weight isn't as important as being healthy - so please consult your doctor before you begin the low carb Atkins diet.

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